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Remapping your engine

Your car is great, but do you sometimes wish that you could get a little more power or response out of it? Don't go the expense of buying a new car, our engine tuning service will make a big difference to the one you have.


Feltham Service Centre are engine tuning specialists. We use the latest technology to transform and upgrade the way your engine performs. You'll have greater fuel efficiency, better handling and more power on tap.

A greener way to fuel your car

You care about the environment, and you care about the pounds in your pocket too. LPG conversions help with both these things. LPG is the fuel of the future, and is becoming easier to find across London.


Our expert mechanical engineers can convert your petrol engine to run on LPG. It can cost less than you think, and you'll notice the difference each time you go to fill up.

Engine tuning and performance upgrades  


to transform your vehicle