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Exhaust repairs that last

Your car exhaust prevents harmful gases getting into your car itself. If your exhaust rattles or sounds louder than usual, it's time for a repair. Call Feltham Service Centre, we're your one stop car repair shop.


Have you ever tried DIY exhaust repairs using tape and bandage? It's only a matter of time until it fails, making it a waste of your time and money. We carry out exhaust repairs that last, on everything from the pipes, to manifolds and couplings.

Controlling your emissions

If you have a damaged exhaust or faulty catalytic converter, your car could be launching pollutants into the atmosphere. It's bad for the environment, but it could be bad news for you too if your car fails the MOT emissions test.


Catalytic converter and exhaust replacement doesn't have to be expensive. We have a wide range to choose from, and they can even improve your car's performance.

Exhaust expertise  


available now in Feltham