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When a warning light comes on in your car, you shouldn't continue to drive. Have you ever taken your car to a garage with a warning light illuminated, only to be referred to a main agent? That won't happen at Feltham Service Centre.


We use the latest diagnostics technology, to find the cause of electrical faults quickly. Most faults can be diagnosed within two hours, and we can then carry out effective electrical repairs. When a warning light comes on, you know who to call.

Repairing all your electrical faults

It's easy to take air conditioning for granted, until it breaks down. Don't shiver in winter, and sweat in summer. We carry out air conditioning repairs at times to suit you, and it can cost much less than you think.


It's just one of the wide range of repairs we carry out to electrical components. From ABS to air bags, and central locking to ECUs, we do it all.

Computerised fault diagnostics


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